About Niche Press
Niche Press is a local independent publisher of social enquiry, quality fiction, creative writing, poetry and other 'niche' smaller-scale publications that might normally get overlooked by the mass market.

We believe in a community of ideas and will actively work towards facilitating this exchange. Using a different model that actively involves the creator in the success of each publication, Niche Press offers our books to you they way they were meant to be read. As a printed book. And we do also offer e-books, if the creator wishes to use this format as well.

Our titles and publishing schedule is totally driven by the creators of each publication. They, as the creators have control over their books. When they are ready to publish, we are ready to help.

Please feel free to use our secure online ordering system as an easy way for you to get hold of these great new reads. Or you can contact Michael Carolan directly on (03) 9939 1229 to order. So spread the word and tell your network.

And we welcome the collaboration of bookshops and other diverse retailers. In fact you are welcome to stock our range. Contact us if you are interested.