Bad Clergy

by Francis Bede
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Bad Clergy
On a cloudy Friday in 1980 the Bad Clergy are out for a night in the deliciously dirty old ‘Syndey’ city. Kelly, Muldoon, Mahone and Clancy (plus two silent companions) - Catholic priests all - throw off their robes and embrace the contradictions of their theological guardianship.
A literary concoction of satire, criticism, magic realism, atheism, theology and social commentary, Bad Clergy weaves their night’s journey from eager Eucharist to doubtful Divinity.
Through prose, verse and dialogue, as well as a series of absurdist encounters refracted through the actions of the six priests, Bad Clergy offers a jarring, darkly humorous and fantastical taste of the bitter clash between convenient dogma and inconvenient reality.

"I told you Sydney Town is Sin City." - John Bede Polding Catholic Archbishop of Sydney 1841-1877
"Are Catholic Priests really like the ones portrayed in this book?" - The Vatican Spokesperson
"Though Bad Clergy is a heavy read it could be satisfying." - The Food Writer
"It makes me wonder." - The Daily Bread
"How dare this book scoff at the greatest institution that’s ever been. It must be banned!" - The Catholic Apologist
"Thank God for Irreverence." - The Protestant
"Thank you Father Ted." - The Author

Francis Bede
Francis Bede is a writer who lives in Tasmania. Bad Clergy is his first book.