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Niche Press

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Niche Press is a Melbourne-based independent publisher of social enquiry, quality fiction, creative writing, poetry and other 'niche' smaller-scale publications that might normally get overlooked by the mass market.

Buy directly online for immediate (usually same day) processing of orders or ask for our books in your local bookstore.

Publications available.  (Shop not fully populated yet).

//Creating Cities by Marcus Westbury  (Order online now)

//The Ballad of Captain Kelly: An ANZAC Iliad a novel by Jonathan Wicken

//A Pelican from Heaven a novel by Stephen Zemek

//Bad Clergy a novel by Francis Bede

//Chapter One and Others a poetry volume by Pelham

//Mick a novel by Jonathon Gittus & Harry Metcalf

//The Australian Phantom Comic Collectors' Value Guide

// Scanlens VFL (AFL) Collector's Guide 1963-1991

You can find out more and order directly through this site. (Coming soon)

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