Bad Clergy

Bad Clergy by Francis Bede

On a cloudy Friday in 1980 the Bad Clergy are out for a big night in the deliciously dirty ‘Syndey’ town. Kelly, Muldoon, Mahone and Clancy (and two silent companions) - Catholic priests all - throw off their robes and embrace the contradictions of their theological guardianship.

A literary burlesque of satire, criticism, theology and social commentary, Bad Clergy weaves in its diabolical night’s tale a journey of transition from eager Eucharist to doubtful Divinity.

Through prose, verse and dialogue, as well as a series of absurdist encounters, Bad Clergy offers a jarring, darkly humorous and fantastical taste of the bitter clash between convenient dogma and inconvenient reality.

"I told you Sydney Town is Sin City." - John Bede Polding Catholic Archbishop of Sydney 1841-1877

"Are Catholic Priests really like the ones portrayed in this book?" - The Vatican Spokesperson

"Though Bad Clergy is a heavy read it could be satisfying." - The Food Writer

"It makes me wonder." - The Daily Bread

"How dare this book scoff at the greatest institution that’s ever been. It must be banned!" - The Catholic Apologist

"Thank God for Irreverence." - The Protestant 

"Thank you Father Ted for showing the way."- The Author