The Phantom Comic Collectors Guide


Manage your collection and check Australian Phantom comic values in one easy to read and portable reference source.

This 120 page unofficial collectors' guide:
- enables you to easily record your entire collection including the condition of each issue
- gives estimates of retail and online auction values across a range of comic grades
- provides a snapshot of your collection’s value
- identifies issues, titles and publication history
- offers quick-reference collection checklists
- explains grading and other collecting issues
- examines market trends to help inform your buying and/or selling, and
- provide tips and advice for successful collecting.

(Note: This unofficial guide does not include comic images and is not associated with Frew Publications nor King Features Syndicate Inc.)

The Phantom Comic Collectors' Guide

 $15 (GST inc in Aust) plus postage. (Postage calculated at checkout based on location)